LMS Unknown Fowler 3500 gallon

LMS Unknown Fowler 3500 gallon


Present Location Llangollen
Designed For LMS
Type & Original Water Capacity Fowler 3500 gallon
Chassis Type Fowler standard wheelbase 3 axle
Allocated To 45551 LMS Patriot class 4-6-0
Present Number Unknown
Owner The LMS Patriot Co Ltd
Status Under construction
Locomotives used with this tender in preservation New build tender. Front and rear dragboxes and inner frames initially incorporated into the very extensive rebuild of Fowler 3500 gallon tender no. 3918 (q.v.). Before completion of this rebuild the original outer frames were deemed unsuitable for mainline running and the chassis was dismantled and new outer frames fitted. It is intended to fit it with a larger capacity tank in the style of a 3500 gallon tank.
Date Record Last Updated 03/06/2017



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