Ffestiniog Un numbered England Coal Carrier

Ffestiniog Un numbered England Coal Carrier


Present Location Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways
Designed For Ffestiniog
Type & Original Water Capacity England Coal Carrier
Chassis Type England 2 axle
Gauge 1 ft 11 1/2"
Scoop Fitted Never Fitted
Allocated To 2 Prince Ffestiniog Rly 0-4-0STT
Present Number Un numbered
Status Operating
Notes Fitted with a metal underframe. A tank for oil was installed in the late 1970's until circa 2012 while the locomotive was oil fired. A supplementary water tank was also carried from the late 1970's to 1995/1996. During the overhaul between 1974-1980 the chassis was modified and the body widened.Though several of the Ffestiniog tenders carry numbers on the back these are the number of the locomotive they are coupled to rather than a specific tender number. Most of the information here is drawn from the Festipedia website.
Locomotives used with this tender in preservation 1954-Present Prince
Date Record Last Updated 10/07/2017



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