SAR South Africa Unknown NG15 2860 gallon (early type)

SAR South Africa Unknown NG15 2860 gallon (early type)


Present Location Unknown
Designed For SAR South Africa
Type & Original Water Capacity NG15 2860 gallon (early type)
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 5.5
Chassis Type 4 axle bogie
Wheelbase 4ft 0in + 7ft 0in + 4ft 0in
Gauge 2'0"
Scoop Fitted Never Fitted
Allocated To 120 SAR NG15 class 2-8-2
Present Number Unknown
Owner Unknown
Status Under Restoration/Overhaul
Notes Under restoration at present for use on the Welsh Highland Railway. It is not known if a new tank will be fitted but a similar tender being prepared for use on the WHR (see 2860 gallon NG15 tender with loco 134) has a modified tank design fitted.
Date Record Last Updated 03/11/2017



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