NWR (India) Unknown BESA 3000 gallon

NWR (India) Unknown BESA 3000 gallon

NWR (India)  Unknown BESA 3000 gallon
NWR (India) Unknown BESA 3000 gallon


Present Location Manchester Museum
Designed For NWR (India)
Type & Original Water Capacity BESA 3000 gallon
Original Coal Capacity (tons) 7.5
Chassis Type BESA 3 axle
Wheelbase 7ft 0in + 6ft 0in
Gauge 5ft 6in
Current Coal Capacity (tons) 0
Scoop Fitted Never Fitted
Allocated To 3157 Pakistan Railways SPS class 4-4-0
Present Number Unknown
Status Static Exhibit
Notes Standard tender built to British Engineering Standards Association design for use in India. Became Pakistan Railways stock on the partition of India in 1947. Oil tank installed when the locomotive was converted to oil burning which is still retained. It is not known what capacity the oil tank is
Photo by Paul Abell
Photo Date 13/08/2009
Date Record Last Updated 08/07/2018

21/05/2018 Justin Edwards
21/05/2018 Justin Edwards

14/08/2009 Mike Haddon
14/08/2009 Mike Haddon



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